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Family Roots

Narcissus is a genus of about fifty species of bulbous perennials and members of the amarillidaceae family. Many thousands of cultivars have been developed.

Field Daffodils


Field daffodils are harvested without any foliage, and are often cut slightly below soil level.  When this occurs, the cut ends will be pale green or white, but will not affect vase-life.  Daffodils are harvested with their buds closed to protect them in transit and improve vase-life.


Late February through early April

Stem Length:
10-14 inches
Flower size:
Open blooms vary from
3-5 inches in diameter.
Care & Handling:
Dry Storage - Daffodils (still in ''tight-bud'' stage) may be dry-stored at 32-36 degrees for several days.
Wet Storage - cut 1/2 inch off base of stem and place in fresh water. Place in display cooler for maximum vase-life.
Special Notes:
When Daffodil stems are cut they emit a clear sap which can be toxic to freshly cut tulips. Always re-hydrate daffodils and tulips in separate containers
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